Daily Run: Hopefully Healing

December 7, 2008 at 4:26 pm | Posted in Daily Run | 6 Comments

Time of Day: 8:15 AM

Weather: 30* but beautiful and sunny again

Duration: 45 minutes

Estimated Distance (based on assumed pace of 7:45/mile): 5.81 miles

Notes: It’s amazing what a difference a breeze can make when the weather is cold. This weekend has yielded some cold morning temperatures, but no wind and plentiful sunshine has given me perfect running weather. Or maybe I have the compression tights to thank instead, but I actually felt warm on today’s run, despite the Weather Channel’s claim of sub-freezing temperatures.

My right glute felt less tight and bothersome than yesterday, so I hope I am healing despite doing 9.5 miles yesterday. I still feel sluggish, but I realized that because I switched my off day and didn’t cross-train this week, I’m on my seventh day of running in a row. Time for a day off, and this time I won’t even be lifting weights as I head into my third and final week of tapering.



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  1. you are getting so close to the race!!

    our weather was similar this morning. i agree, it wasn’t too bad. plus we saw deer and a bunch of geese. and some lady who had her car broken into and her purse stolen. yay durham!

  2. i thought of you today on my run 🙂 for some reason i decided to run on the path closest to the river. it was rediculously windy, but i guess i had to be hard core. I knew i would only get colder so the only choice is to run! at least it took my mind off my knee which wasn’t exactly feeling such a “long” run!

  3. seven days in a row is a lot and you have every right to have tired legs. who is coming to your marathon? hopefully MSB?

  4. i’e been having a quad problem for over the past month; i feel your pain and frustration. boohiss.

    hope your feeling better and it won’t set you back for your race! you’re going to do great!

  5. 30 degrees! beautiful! sunny! you are so lucky. I went out for my “long run” today and only made it eight miles. It was 20 degrees, with a biting wind, and no sun. Even the christmas tunes on the ipod (which I never run with) couldnt get me through. Ah st. louis in the wintertime.
    On a more positive note, I bet you’re getting really excited about the big day, shall we call it M-day? Heck, I’m getting excited and I’m not even running it. 🙂

  6. Lacey: Sadly, MSB will be in the middle of med school finals, but both siblings (hopefully) and a good friend will be there.

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