Weekly Run-Down: 12/01/08-12/07/08

December 8, 2008 at 10:26 am | Posted in Training Method, Weekly Run Down | 7 Comments

Time Spent Running: 6 hours 2 minutes

Estimated Total Mileage: 46.9 miles

Strength Training: 2X

Reward Money: $581.44

This looks like a lot more than last week, but that’s mostly because I switched my off day and didn’t do any cross-training.  None of my runs were in the double-digits, but I’m still not sure I tapered enough.

Because I’m not lifting weights this week, today was a complete day off. It felt a little strange to sleep later and then just do abs before I got in the shower, but nice at the same time. I did a very good job getting enough sleep this weekend and this third day in a row of extra sleep is making me feel like a new person. I hope to continue the trend throughout this week.

My legs feel quite awful, achy in general with a nagging pain in the butt (literally). I’m worried and hoping that my ART appointment later today will relieve my fears. My runs this week will be very short and I may even skip an extra one if it feels necessary.

The Taper – Week 3

I’m so glad this is the last week of tapering. I’m getting antsy. This week I will:

  • Continue to get enough sleep
  • Run slowly and no more than 4 miles at a time
  • Take in more carbs, water, and salt in the last 3 days (but not excessively)
  • Try to relax!

I got an encouraging email from my Dad:

Dear Jessica,

Good luck on the race and nursing your strained quad. I am trying to hurt myself some more for my retirement physical (he gets more money this way) but no luck. I hurt my back and it is now ok. I took the kids from church ice skating yesterday, but no injuries. I’ll try skiing with Bren and Uncle Bob. If I don’t damage myself there I will try a marathon. That’s almost a guarantee to make me a cripple. By the way, the cost for flying to Europe is obscenely low. If you get laid off in the future, you should consider coming over here and being a bum for awhile.





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  1. HAHA your dad is funny! Does he live in the EU?

  2. I’m always impressed with how much you run… your taper week is my ass-busting week.

    That’s a great e-mail from your dad! I love that my dad is still active, gives me hope for the future! ♥

  3. Awww, your dad is great AND is that a pledge of financial support I see for you being a bum?

    Good luck with today’s ART. I like to believe that those aches and pains are your muscles, tendons, and tissues getting stronger in preparation for the marathon. Growing pains.

  4. Enjoy your rest day – I hope it does your legs good! Such a cute note from your dad… so cool that he’s considering a marathon!

  5. i love supportive and in-the-loop parents. it always means so much and makes your heart a lil bigger 🙂 sounds like you have some solid work-alternative plans! time to quit! obvi! hahaha. 🙂 oooh and i am gonna make those muffins, mm.

  6. Moran: Yes, he lives in Germany.
    catms916: Haha I think he was kidding about the marathon, but I’ll let him know that he is know on the hook for one.

  7. […] haven’t posted a run-down since before the marathon. I miss tracking my stats, so here’s what I did last […]

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