Daily Run: See Jess…Jog?

December 9, 2008 at 1:13 pm | Posted in Daily Run | 9 Comments

Time of Day: 6:10 AM

Weather: Warm and humid. Post rainstorm grossness. Hot in compression tights

Duration: 35 minutes

Estimated Distance: I really have no idea. I ran very slowly. We’ll go with 4 miles, just for counting purposes.

Notes: So we’re T – 5 days now. That means 5 more days for my legs to get better.

I was so nervous at my ART appointment yesterday. But, he started the therapy and immediately said, “Oh yeah, this is much better!”

Me, in a hopeful, plaintive voice: “Will it be completely healed by my marathon?”

Him, optimistic and confident: “Sure! You’re going to do great!”

If only I felt half as good about this race. But I feel better, that’s for certain. My right glute, however, still feels strange while running. Not painful, but tight. Guess where I put Absorbine last night? Don’t try it unless you absolutely must. I was so, so cold. 

And so I’m afraid to run, lest I fall and break an ankle. I probably shouldn’t drive either. Any sudden movements are out of the question. What am I even doing out of the house? I should be safe in my bed. No, my bed is really high off the ground. Better set up camp on my floor for the next 5 days. A camp with no sharp objects or rough surfaces.

Last night I attempted to continue my trend of rest by going to bed early and setting my alarm a few minutes later. My insomniac body laughed at me. I knew this was coming. After all, I slept well for an unprecedented three nights in a row. Clearly, I’ve had enough sleep for the entire week. Oh well, maybe not sleeping on Monday night will allow me to sleep more later in the week, when it counts the most.



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  1. LOL last week i almost tripped over a dog bone on the floor and slipped on a banana peel. i was thinking i should just sit in one room with nothing for the rest of the week to avoid any random injuries 🙂

    you will do great!!! just let yourself rest and be lazy the rest of the week – it will definitely pay off this weekend!

  2. I think your ART would be a great psych therapist, he’s so positive!!!!

  3. Hehe, is this marathon paranoia setting in? 😉 Sucks about having a hard time sleeping… that’s the last thing you need. I’ve read that if you can’t fall asleep in 30 minutes you should give up, get up, do something else that’s completely boring until you get tired and try again. I usually end up eating cookies during this time period… oops

  4. No more worrying…you are going to do amazing!!!

    Oh, and I’m 99% sure that I just met MSB on the bus back from our lovely devo exam. I didn’t wanna seem creepy and ask if his girlfriend was SeeJessRun (especially since I wasn’t sure it was him!), however after coming back and looking back at your pictures of him, I think it was. Name starts with an E (he shall remain nameless for confidentiality 😉 )?

  5. Justy2003: Too funny! Was he tall and cute?

  6. Can I make a recommendation for the night before the marathon? Take a sleeping pill. I don’t know if you have ever taken anything, but if you do have trouble sleeping – especially before big events – then I would recommend it to be safe. I have a whole slew of sleep issues (well, it’s really just insomnia, but it sounds better when I pretend like it’s a whole bunch of things) that tend to rear up the night before big events. And believe me, running a marathon on 2 hours of sleep is… just awful.

    But in any case, I know you’ll do well! You’re more than prepared!

  7. Alex: Thanks. I take melatonin and it usually works, but did not last night. I will definitely be trying again before the race.

  8. aww yay – im glad he was super optimistic! best of luck 🙂

  9. LOVED your ‘expensive tips’ yesterday 🙂

    now I need to get to Barton Creek Mall and spend cash I dont have!

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