Grandma-Style Cross-training Before the Weekend

December 19, 2008 at 12:03 pm | Posted in Cross-training, Life | 8 Comments

I power walked before work today. Yes, power walked. And despite my embarrassment, I enjoyed it. I always have, actually, I just don’t consider it a challenging form of exercise. I find it relaxing, and I really just wanted to shake off my antsy feeling and ease my legs back into exercise before sitting all day at a desk job and then the car. I brought my Ipod. It was recreational. It was…not worth an entire blog post unless I dig down really deep and analyze the very meaning of the Power Walk. And I’m just not feeling that ambitious today. It’s Friday, after all.

Speaking of the weekend, I’m leaving work early and driving to Houston to visit MSB and three glorious college cross-country friends of mine, all convening in town for one GLORIOUS weekend. I may decide to take the quad out for a short run with them if our hangovers allow. MSB took his last medical school final of the semester today, I ran a marathon last weekend, and it’s celebration time.

The race photos are in, and because I’ve been unable to figure out how to rip them off for free, I’ve ordered a few. They’re annoyingly expensive, but I want that finish picture, darn it! I’ll try scanning and uploading them when they arrive, but I’m guessing it will be awhile.

What are you up to this weekend?



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  1. GERMANY!!! LOL!

  2. It’s funny about power walking…in many ways, I consider it second best to running: I get to be outside, my mind gets to wander, I get to propel myself forward naturally without the use of any strange machines. And yet. It just doesn’t feel in any way workout-ish. However, it is. It is workout-ish. And I hope your quad says “thank you” as a result. Enjoy your glorious weekend– HUGE celebrations are in order for both of you!

  3. I actually think power walking is tougher than running, though only because at a certain point it’s much more natural to begin running. I tried it once and I simply ignored everyone! (That was B.i. — Before iPod.)

  4. have a great weekend!!! definitely do A LOT of celebrating!!!!

  5. yay can’t wait to see the finish photo! awesome weekend coming up, hooray! have fun!!! and congrats to both you and msb. (i keep wanting to say msg,… errp).

  6. Did you pump your arms like a power-walker, too?! Those are the best 🙂 I enjoy a little walking for some cross-training, but sometimes I just can’t bring myself to pump my arms…
    Enjoy your time in Houston! I wish I was still there…I’m back in Ohio for a couple weeks and it’s so cold! They got a bunch of ice a couple nights ago that still isn’t all gone, so the treadmill will be my “friend” for the next few runs I’m afraid. Boo.

  7. many reasons to celebrate, have fun!!

    i usually just printscreen (windows), or apple shift 4 (mac) to copy the screen or highlight an image… not great quality, but just for me 😉

  8. hope you have a great weekend with friends! you deserve one:) and gotta give the little old ladies credit, the ones i always see are always booking it!

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