I’m Bored. Here are Some Pictures from the Weekend.

December 22, 2008 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Fun, Life | 11 Comments

I hope my friends don’t mind having their pictures up here. If they do, I guess future lawyer Evan can sue me. Ladies, let the feasting begin.

From left: MSB, Dan, Evan, and Jameson at St. Arnold’s Brewery in Houston, Texas. Dan’s hat floated around the group over the weekend.


Another one because they look so handsome.


Dan and me. He gets an extra picture for running the relay at White Rock.


MSB (in the group hat) and me. That’s his “final exam beard.” Final exams are over, and yet the beard remains. Interesting.




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  1. Future law librarian Jameson can help future lawyer Evan find cases of precedent in that lawsuit!

    Not that we’d sue you, because the men in those photos are so devilishly handsome! :-0

  2. cute pics – looks like a fun time 😉

  3. yay! pictures! I love personal pictures- is that weird?

    Kelly Turner

  4. I like your pics but seriously, if I was around all of those cookies lord help me!!! The peanut butter kiss ones…forget about it. They’d be eaten beofre they even make it off the cookie sheet.

  5. Smiles, smiles, smiles! Good times.

    Happy Holidays! And congratulations again on a great marathon!

  6. msb is so much taller than you!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 you guys are all adorable!!!!!

  7. Aw you and MSB are so cute! Love the pics.

  8. Looks like tons of fun. You, your rockin’ biceps (for I, too, am bored, and even if I weren’t, I probably would have noticed your arm muscles in that White Rock runners photo), MSB, and 3 other good lookin’ guys thrown in just for fun.

    Urgent question: are you sitting on a barstool in that last photo, or is MSB really two heads taller than you?

  9. tfh: Nope, he’s really that much taller than me. He’s 6’3″ and I’m 5’2″.

  10. ‘Judging by glass size, some are more manly than others…’
    Quote from Jess.

  11. That all looked so yummy haha How was your holiday?

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