Christmas 2008 Wrap-Up

December 29, 2008 at 10:16 am | Posted in Daily Run, Food, Fun, Life | 5 Comments

Just who do I think I am, slacking off on blogging for four days?  Apparently I think that just because I have time off work, I get to take time off the blog too. I apologize for my absence over the long weekend. I did not blog, read blogs, and barely even checked my email. Too busy eating pancakes and watching season 1 of 24 with MSB. I had a wonderful, relaxing Christmas break. I hope you did too, unless you don’t celebrate Christmas, in which case I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing holiday anyway. I also kept up with my running and actually did an easy run every day in Houston. I probably could have used a day off, but it was nice to get back to running, the weather was unseasonably warm, and…MSB’s mother makes amazing cheesecake. I am currently in Cheesecake Detox. But only because I don’t have any.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:


Time of Day: 9:20 AM

Weather: Warm and humid. Cloudy.

Duration: 44 minutes

Distance:   5.69 miles

Notes: MSB’s family sleeps very late, which is nice because I can sleep in late (for me), get up and run, shower, and then MSB’s father will be just awakening to fix me a giant pancake. A nice start to Christmas. After we all ate our pancakes, we opened presents. And…you may have noticed that I no longer need to estimate the distance of my runs…


Yes, that is the Garmin Forerunner 405, complete with heartrate monitor. It’s what you get for Christmas when your parents feel guilty about skiing the Alps without you.* I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I do love knowing my exact distance. However, I have some complaints. Pay attention, Garmin. I linked to you, so I know you see me.

First, the pace is all over the place. I’ll glance down at my watch and it will say I’m going 6:45/mile, then glance again and see 9:00/mile. Garmin, you liar, I went neither of those paces at any point this week.

Second, I know the 405 is much smaller than the previous versions, but it’s still bulky. It feels heavy. I fear that my left bicep will get bigger than my right. How about a female version, Garmin? Here’s a picture of my old watch:


Garmin, see how it actually fits on my wrist?  I can even wear that watch casually. Also, the Garmin heartrate monitor doesn’t get quite tight enough. I have to tuck it under my sports bra band. Garmin, remember that you are creating a product for one of the thinnest populations in the US, and create accordingly.

Enough complaints, and back to Christmas.


The following pictures are the reason I may move in with MSB’s parents.


So many side dishes! Such succulent turkey! Best sweet potatoes ever! Homemade crescent rolls! Cheesecake!


That’s actually MSB’s slice of cheesecake. Mine also had a scoop of ice cream, of course.


Time of Day: 9:45 AM

Weather: Warm and humid. Raining.

Duration: 44 minutes

Distance:   5.69 miles

Notes: Yes, the same route as the day before. My legs felt very tired most of the week, which I’m guessing is a result of both the marathon and getting back into running after 8 days. It was hot enough outside to make the rain feel refreshing. Weird.

More interesting than my run was the Body Worlds exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We went on Friday afternoon and it was fascinating, so go if you get a chance.

Later that evening, I compromised my moral values for caffeine before hitting a few bars.


That’s my Apprehensive Face, just so you know. I’m sure they snuck some trans fat into there. The coffee is just step 1 on a slippery slope towards obesity, I’m sure.

Ok, I’m really just bitter because they didn’t ask me if I wanted to Supersize my coffee.


Time of Day: 9:00 AM

Weather: Warm and humid. Windy.

Duration: 51 minutes

Distance:   6.62 miles

Notes: My longest run of the week, but really, just more of the same.

We ate out for both lunch and dinner on Saturday, but I didn’t take pictures. I’m a little shy doing this in front of MSB’s family, and I’m trying to transition away from “weird girl dating our son” and more towards “nice, sweet girl for whom we should bake cheesecake.”


Time of Day: 9:15 AM

Weather: Cold! Rainy!

Duration: 44 minutes

Distance:   5.72 miles

Notes: Yesterday I went outside expecting to be hot and sweaty again. I was wrong. The rain didn’t help. However, my legs are finally beginning to feel normal again. Hooray!

I’m back in Austin now and…hard at work(?)…for another three days before another long weekend!

*Just kidding, Mom and Dad!  Thanks so much!


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  1. Sounds like a fun Christmas…and yay for the Garmin! No more estimating distances! Maybe you should wear a handweight or something on your right arm so your biceps stay equal…it does look pretty big!
    I’ll be back in Houston on Wednesday and can’t wait for the warm weather again 🙂 Although I did get more runs outside here than I thought I would since I toughed it out 😉

  2. OMG GARMIN!!!! you are so lucky 🙂 i’m hoping maybe next year will be my year. it sounds like you had a wonderful xmas and that McDs coffee is TINY! hehehehehehe. love the jacket, tho! almost new year’s!!!! 🙂

  3. Hi, Jess,

    Thanks for the feedback on the 405. I hope you love it as much as I have while training for the KC and NYC marathons. The reason the pace jumps around is because every update is literally a snapshot of one instant of running. Between one step naturally being a split-second faster than another and then factoring in a few feet of distance that is always the margin of error in any GPS transmission, you can see why it might jump a little bit. I would suggest using your average pace. I used average pace and lap pace (my pace over the current mile) in doing KC and NY, and I loved it. Read more here:

    And to help you learn even more about your new 405, check out our online tutorials here:

    Thanks, and keep up the great running – and blogging!


  4. i’m going to miss the estimated distances. they always gave me a small bit of hope that maybe you weren’t really that fast. then of course, you ran white rock and i probably couldn’t have kept up with you for more than a mile. 😉

    glad you got a garmin and i hope it works well for you! i have a polar hrm and it too could afford a smaller strap. that all kind of goes along with why it seems there are always lots of xl or xxl shirts left over after a race? i’ve always wondered that…

    sounds like a great Christmas holiday, but i think you should’ve taken a few pieces of cheesecake home with ya. 🙂

  5. Your Garmin 405 is smaller than my 305, so it’s not too bad. Maybe in the near future, they’ll come out with a smaller, even more accurate version. Won’t that be nice!

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