Onlineshoes Giveaway!

December 29, 2008 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Fun | 78 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very excited. Onlineshoes has contacted me and wants to give one of my readers a free pair of New Balance 993s. That’s right, free. And because you put up with all my inane ramblings about injuries and marathoning and potty issues, I’m not going to rig this contest so that I win the shoes myself. You’re welcome.

By the way, Onlineshoes is the nation’s first online shoe retailer. More importantly, they have free shipping and 90-day unconditional returns, which they didn’t ask me to tell you, but I think it’s wonderful so I will anyway. And if you don’t want the New Balance 993s, you can opt for a $100 Gift Certificate instead.

So what’s the catch? You have to comment on my blog (ha!). Leave a comment on this post following my extremely strict requirements:

  1. Tell me your #1 goal for 2009
  2. Tell me why you need new shoes
  3. Tell me one random fact about yourself

Your answers will not affect your chance to win–I just want to get to know you. The winner will be chosen completely at random and will be announced on January 12, 2009. That’s two weeks from today.



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  1. hmmmmmmm i think my number one goal for 2009 is to SLOW DOWN and live one day at a time – i dont want to rush through life (as I’ve been doing) tackling lists, i want to live in the moment 🙂

    i need new shoes b/c i go through shoes like crazy from my obsession w/ cardio workouts hehe…

    one random fact about myself… have I mentioned that I have a Type A / Obsessed w/ To-Do lists to the point that I used to outline each coming day in half hour increments? Luckily, I got over that (slightly!) 🙂

    Have a great night!

  2. 1) Goals. I have two. 2:50 marathon. Make Scac proud.

    2) Why I need shoes. See above.

    3) I can’t wink my left eye.

  3. My goal is to make more time to go visit my family. And fitness wise: complete the marathon.

    I need new shoes because I’m training for my first marathon!!

    I am obsessed with dolphins:-)

  4. Wow Jess, I just saw this on facebook. I’m mighty impressed that you’re getting things sent to you to give away!

    1. Goal – get a job with health insurance!
    2. My dog ate my favorite running shoes
    3. I suck at keeping in touch with old friends. How are you?!

  5. 1. To get into (and like!) a regular exercise routine instead of randomly going whenever I’m not feeling lazy. I’m training for my first 10k in February, so I’m hoping that will jump start a regular routine.
    2. My Dad is a runner and always wore New Balance. I’ve had a few pairs and always liked them, but let a salesperson talk me into Asics and they make the pads of my feet hurt!
    3. I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies.

  6. woohoo for free shoes!!
    1. Main goal for 2009 is to eat better (my lack of nutrition is seriously slowin me down!!)
    2. I would like to start training for my first marathon- new shoes would be clutch=D
    3. I am afraid of elevators..never take them ever!

  7. 1. run my first marathon.

    2. i’m a poor college student who runs alot and can’t afford shoes.

    3. i love breakfast.

  8. 1. goals: (non-running) spend more time with my parents/sisters; (running) sub-1:30 in a half
    2. for running of course. i’m about to run a half and full in the same weekend. shoes just don’t last long around here.
    3. i have alopecia universalis. i haven’t shaved my legs in 4 years (and i don’t look like a gorilla).

  9. 1. incorporate more strength training into my workout regimen, and become more flexible

    2. i’ve been running on my current pair for six months now, i’m starting to feel the pounding in my knees and hips, which means it’s time to switch out for a new pair

    3. i used to be a swimmer

  10. 1. Accept the situations and circumstances surrounding me that I have no control over.

    2. I don’t, really. But I’ve never tried NB and figure maybe they’ll work better than my Brooks.

    3. My favorite food is buttery parmesan air-popped popcorn.

  11. 1. Run my first half marathon (set for the end of March)
    2. I’ll be needing new shoes before the end of my half marathon training…and I’m a poor grad student.
    3. I can never think of anything for random facts. That’s my random fact 😉

  12. 1. Stay organized
    2. I wear mine out too fast!!
    3. I love to cook and bake.

  13. That’s awesome of them!
    1. I was a cross-country runner all through jr. high and high school, and after fully recovering from a hip injury and rededicating myself to running, I’ve decided to train to run the 2009 Chicago Marathon!!!
    2. Mine completely wear out way too fast, and see above. 🙂
    3. I have a degree in Poli Sci, but I’m totally switching gears and starting a two year nursing program in August!

  14. 1. qualify for the boston marathon
    2. i got through a lot of them with all these miles i run!
    3. the spelling of my first name (aron compared to erin) is because my dad’s name is ron 🙂

  15. 1. do your strength workout twice a week! run a sub 1:20 half!

    2. because i put running shoes on my christmas list and didn’t get new ones (my parents are skeptical of how often i claim to need new shoes!)

    3. i loove my new nephew!

  16. Awesome contest! Thanks for hosting 🙂

    1. My #1 goal in terms of fitness is to take my workouts to the next level through new programs such as P90X (which I received for Christmas). These shoes would be helpful, hehe!

    2. I need new shoes because I can’t remember when I bought my current pair.

    3. I have a double jointed pinky.

  17. 1) to hike everyday
    2) my current shoes give me blisters
    3) I like Spam

  18. 1. Goal for 2009 : Lose weight!
    2. I need new shoes to work out in to accomplish number 1 🙂
    3. Random fact about me: I love the color pink!

  19. Great giveaway, Jess!!
    Lets see….
    1. My GOAL is to focus on strength training more
    2. I need new shoes because the last time I run with my old Adidas my ankle got sprained (at least I blame them!)
    3. I LOVE telenovelas and since I watched them for so long, I learned Spanish that way!

  20. 1. goal for 2009: enjoy it! that’s sort of the whole purpose behind all of the other resolutions and sub-goals. i want to feel my best, do a good job at work and get the most out of life.

    2. i need new shoes because i start official marathon training on january 15th and i will be racking up the mileage fast! i would probably buy another pair of brooks glycerins.

    3. random fact: i have the worst sense of direction ever, but i have perfect pitch.

  21. 1. My goal is to train for and run a race! I would love to run a half marathon or a 10K.
    2. I need new shoes because my husband doesn’t believe that I need new ones…and he’s pretty cheap, I mean frugal.
    3. I was born with my leg around my neck…luckily my Momma had a c-section!

  22. 1. To exercise more!
    2. I haven’t had a new pair of shoes in a looonnggg time!
    3. I’m trying to have a baby!

  23. First, My I want to lose at least 40 lbs in 2009 and keep it off
    Second, I am in need of some really good shoes and these look awesome!
    Third, I went to my 10 year class reunion this past May and got an award for the most kids! I’d never imagined that happening when I was in high school! I have 4 by the way!

  24. My #1 goal for 2009 is to spend more time with my children. I need new shoes because believe it or not I have been wearing the same tennis shoes for over 15 years – how sad is that!?! One random fact about myself – ok I admit it – I snore.


  25. 1. #1 goal is to run a marathon and finish it STRONG.

    2. i freaking need new shoes cuz every shoe i try kills my achilles so i’m still on the prowl for a wearable sneaker!!! this is an expensive search so any freebies are especially appreciated.

    3. random fact: i can juggle!!! 🙂

  26. My main goal for 2009 is to save enough money to have surgery to reverse my tubal ligation surgery I had when I was 23. I want another baby by 2010!

  27. Oh I just realized I was only supposed to leave one comment. Sorry!

    I need new tennis shoes because I haven’t had a new pair in two years. Mine are worn out!

    Random fact: Both my babies were preemies that weighed 5 lbs 1oz. if you add their weights together. They are healthy now thank God!

  28. 1). My number one goal for 2009 is to get back to my pre-pregnancy running pace and endurance!
    2). I will desperately need a new pair of shoes once I begin my training post-baby. My current shoes have gone through many miles and 20 extra pounds!!
    3). I am 30 weeks pregnant today (due March 11th) and running a half marathon on January 10th in Orlando, FL. I was suppose to run the Goofy’s Challenge (the half on Saturday and full on Sunday) but figured for my safety and the safety of my child I will just run/walk the half. Hoping to qualify for Boston in late 2009!

  29. 1. Tell me your #1 goal for 2009 – I hope to learn to knit very soon!
    2. Tell me why you need new shoes – because the last pair of sneakers I got I’ve had for over a year and they are pretty worn. They have done their time and it is time to pull on a new pair!
    3. Tell me one random fact about yourself – well, I’m absolutely adorable, but other than that…hmmm…I have funky middle toes. Both of them bend under my foot so you can’t see the nail. I only have to paint 4 nails on each foot! LOL!

  30. 1. #1 Goal – complete a 50k ultramarathon.

    2. I need new shoes to help train for goal #1.

    3. My two heroes – my dad and Theodore Roosevelt share the same birthday – October 27.

  31. 1. I would like to consistently complete a 10 minute mile (hey…for me this is major)
    2. My current shoes look pretty, but don’t give me as much support as I would like
    3. I am left handed

  32. 1. take better care of myself
    2. i haven’t bought new tennis shoes in 5 years (sad, i know)
    3. i love cinnamon toast crunch : )

  33. 1. read more books, watch less television

    2. mix-up the usual work-out routine– it’s supposed to be fun!

    3. spend more time with friends and family- they really matter

  34. ohhh … forgot the random fact– i can write upside -down cursive

  35. 1. My #1 goal for 2009is to get back to running, finally! Sidelined by knee and back problems, but I am ready to get back to it!
    2. Why I need new shoes? See #1. 🙂
    3. Random fact: I am right-handed, but can only snap my fingers with my left hand. Weird!

  36. 1. To run and not feel like I am about to die
    2. New shoes will help???
    3. I am 43 and running for the first time

  37. 1. Tell me your #1 goal for 2009

    => To pass the Philippine Bar exams

    2. Tell me why you need new shoes

    =>Because I only have 1 pair of rubber shoes and I’ve been fond of hiking lately

    3. Tell me one random fact about yourself
    =>I am a mineral makeup addict!=)

  38. My #1 goal is to be pregnant with baby #3 by the end of the year. I need this shoes because I’d love to be more active to lose the last 5lbs from baby #2…and my random fact is…my husband got a job today after a 5 month layoff!!!!

  39. 1. Eat more fresh veggies and less fried food.
    2. My current 5+ years old tennis shoes are falling apart and giving me blisters.
    3. This past summer I cut and donated over 10 inches of my hair to Locks of Love.

  40. […] And don’t forget to enter the Onlineshoes Giveaway! […]

  41. 1. My number one goal for 2009 is to get pregnant.
    2. I need new shoes because I exercise a lot and wear them out so fast.
    3. I broke a record at my high school for swimming.

  42. my number 1 goal for 2009 is to be able to bust out pull ups from a dead hang and power clean more than 45 lbs.
    i need new shoes because i wear them out a lot and fast.
    i am an identical twin (5 minutes younger and i apparently kicked my sister out of the womb. =D)

  43. My goal is to exercise more – hence, I need new shoes because my old pairs are worn off from walking. A random fact – I speak six languages (varying levels of proficiency).

  44. ~~i would love to read more..and retain what i read
    ~~hmm who doesn’t like free shoes? new balance are what i currently run in..and i haven’t gotten a new pair in too long(what with the economy and all..)
    ~~i love to cook

  45. My number one goal is to prepare to run a half marathon this year!
    I need new shoes so I can start training!
    One random fact about me is that i hate to walkon the metal things on sidewalks, and I will walk completely around them so I dont have to.

  46. My number one goal is to save more money.
    I need new shoes because my daughter keeps stealing mine,lol.
    One random fact about me is I am a mother of 4:)

  47. 1. To reduce my consumption of sugar & bread.
    2. I haven’t bought new tennis shoes in years.
    3. I’m a natural blonde.

  48. 1) Go back to university.
    2) I have really old worn out shoes right now and really need a new pair!
    3)I can speak 6 languages.

  49. 1. To lose weight.
    2. The last time I bought new sneakers was over 1 year ago. I need a new pair, lol.
    3. I love handmade soap.

  50. 1. To walk at least 20 minutes everyday
    2. For all of the walking that I will be doing!
    3. Hmm my fave foods are pickles and cereal (not together)

  51. 1. My goal is to run an under 4 hour marathon.
    2. Why do I need new shoes? See above!
    3. Birds totally freak me out!

  52. Ooh!

    1. #1 goal for 2009 is to start & finish my first marathon.

    2. I need new shoes because I wear them out really, really quickly. Signs of visible wear show up on my shoes well before 300 miles. Not only is it expensive, it’s a little embarrassing to keep showing up at my local running store.

    3. I cannot whistle or roll my Rs. The latter bothers me more.

  53. 1. #1 goal for 2009….qualify for long course world championships in Australis for half ironman!

    2. I need new shoes because I have 5 tri’s on my calendar for 2009…one 70.3 (hopefully 2!!) one half marathon AND a marathon. PLus tons of random road races. Thats ALOT of running!!!

    3. IM getting married this August…woohoo!!!

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  55. To run a half-marathon at Disney World.
    I need new shoes because my feet actually GREW this year and my newer shoes are too small! (how does that happen at age 26?)
    I am trying to get pregnant this year- wish me luck!

  56. No. 1 goal for 2009: Run a marathon from start to finish without cramping.

    Why I need free shoes: Its the economy, Jess.

    Random fact: (Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones has cursed me out and told me he loves me.

  57. My number one goal in 2009 is to get off my butt and get serious about my health. I want to be around for my children and grandchildren and tired of taking blood pressure medication because of non activity and weight gain. I need to loose about 25 pounds.
    I haven’t bought a pair of new pair tennis shoes in years because it always goes to the children for their shoes and clothes and I never think of myself. This is why I want to to win these.
    About me I am a determined, stubborn individual, honest,very loyal and no matter what ever task I have to do I always give 150%.

  58. My number one goal for 2009 is to exercise more.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. I need new shoes because mine are worn out.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  60. Great giveaway. Can’t believe I just found it.

    I want to run more outside, including a 10k.

    I need new shoes because I only get a new pair once a year and that is unacceptable.

    Random fact: I have a fake tooth.

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  62. 1. get back to happy
    2. my knees don’t tolerate well-used shoes 😦 so i have to buy them all too often…
    3. i eat way too much pb

  63. 1. My number one goal is to continue on my lifestyle journey, which entails healthy eating, losing the remaining 20 pounds stuck on my body, and continuing to run!
    2. I am in need of new shoes since I have almost put 500 miles on my current pair!
    3. I can’t whistle, I love water, and most of my running clothes are PINK!

  64. 1. Tell me your #1 goal for 2009
    My goal for 2009 is to be able to run a 5K in a decent time without stopping. Right now I can barely run 1 mile without taking walk breaks.

    2. Tell me why you need new shoes
    I need new shoes because I have worn through both of my Saucony Hurricane 9’s and have not been able to find a good running shoe. I am still using my worn out shoes and I can definitely tell the cushioning and support has weakened!

    3. Tell me one random fact about yourself
    I just moved to Kentucky from Texas and I’m FREEZING! haha

  65. Tell me your #1 goal for 2009 – to lose 40 pounds
    Tell me why you need new shoes – My tennis shoes are trashed and I haven’t bought a new pair for years
    Tell me one random fact about yourself – I met Don Johnson

  66. #1 Goal – Enter (and finish) my first marathon.

    I need these shoes because my hours at my job just got cut back by a third, and shoes just aren’t as much of a priority as food.

    Something Random – I used to play the harmonica with my nose.

  67. Tell me your #1 goal for 2009:
    Hm, run and train for a 3:15 marathon w/o getting burned out or injured.
    Tell me why you need new shoes:
    Who doesn’t need new shoes? But in all seriousness, I go through shoes pretty fast.
    Tell me one random fact about yourself:
    This is my first time ever commenting on a blog, even though I read several. 🙂

  68. 1. Goal: run a 90 minute half
    2. I need new shoes because I run 60 mpw!!!
    3. I’m a vegan

  69. 1) to read more and learn to play guitar
    2) because my knees are beginning to hurt and I’m too poor to buy new shoes now
    3) I haven’t been to Wal-Mart since December 2005

  70. Drawing today for shoes. Very exciting times.

    1. Goal for 2009 is to get more swole and make sure everyone knows how ‘jacked and tan’ I am while getting swole.
    2. I need new shoes to help me pick up hotties at the gym while getting swole and showing off to them how ‘jacked and tan’ I am.
    3. I broke my little toe bone playing basketball in high school and had to have a screw put into it.

  71. 1. Goal for 2009 is to complete one of my king-sized quilts. 2. My present pair of sneakers are really worn and I have been thinking about buying a new pair. 3. I’m very much a creature of habit who likes her set routine. I don’t handle change all that well. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway

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  73. My #1 goal for 2009 is to work to become a better parent to my 15-year old nephew whom we took custody of in 2008. Being without kids, this is huge for us!

    I need a good pair of shoes. I’ve been skimping on shoes for a couple of years now and I suspect that has led to a few avoidable health issues (i.e., back).

    Many folks are surprised to find out that I have a tattoo…yup, it’s hidden but I got one!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  74. Ooops…just realized a winner has already been announced. Oh well!

  75. 1. My goal for 2009 is to do my part to stay happily married and supportive to my husband who is finally winning the battle over alcoholism.
    2. I need new running shoes, because running is my only emotional and mental release. It gives me time to work through my problems/think deeply without outside influences.
    3. I have met a Supreme Court Justice!

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  78. […] Onlineshoes giveaway will end at 12 AM Monday morning (Jan. 12th) and I will announce the winner that day. Don’t […]

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