Strength Training: Sporadic = Sore

December 29, 2008 at 1:46 pm | Posted in Strength Training | 7 Comments

Time of Day: 5:40 AM

Weather: Air-conditioned

Duration: Almost an hour, broken up with driving time

Notes: I didn’t have access to a gym in Houston, so I didn’t lift weights. If I did have access to a gym…I may have lifted weights, but no guarantee. 🙂 I did, however, do some push-ups and tricep dips before a few runs in a vain attempt to keep from losing all my strength this week.

Of course I didn’t lose all my strength, but it’s amazing how quickly it leaves you in just one week. This will likely happen again this week, as my gym is closed on New Year’s and I hope to have some fun New Year’s plans that will interfere with weights anyway.

After six days of easy running, it’s time for a day off. So, I headed to the gym (at an early hour) for strength training this morning. I did the same workout as last week, and it was difficult, just like last week.

I’m beginning to enjoy lifting weights. Really. It doesn’t give me the same joy as a good run, but there’s something very satisfying about sore arms and shoulders. I used to lift weights just because I know it’s good for me and will make me a better runner (and because I’m vain), but now I’m starting to value strength training on its own.



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  1. I’m wondering what kind of strength training yoga qualifies as… not a great upper body workout i don’t think, except for the plank stuff and plank to lower pushup to up-dog. i’m using hal higdon’s intermediate 1 plan. you might have noticed that this past week was not exactly according to schedule 🙂 the schedule doesn’t call for any speed work and the first 2 weeks are super low mileage 3 and 5 mile runs mid week and 8 and then 9 mile weekend runs with 1 day rest 1 day XT. week 3 is step back week and then week 4 starts to bump you up.

  2. i don’t know too much about Big D. i’ve heard its a smaller even then white rock but i bet it’ll be a fun race. i mainly picked it because it was near home and around a good time for me to run it.

  3. It’s amazing what just a few days off does to the body!

    Happy Belated Christmas!

  4. i love this post b/c i can totally relate – i love how i feel after cardio BUT i love the burn and soreness after a great weightlifting session…

  5. i didnt work out much this week- Im dreading the trip to the gym tomorrow- im going to be super sore.

    Kelly Turner

  6. i feel the same about a good ab-workout. i just don’t feel any progress if they’re not sore for a couple days later. i’m sure it’s not setting you back much to take it easy, even on the lifting, for a few extra days. once the new year starts we will all resume regular schedules, and you’ll gain all your strength back plus more.

  7. aw, i can’t wait to get back into the gym… and back into my normal routine!!

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