Daily Run: My Reason for Living in Texas

January 3, 2009 at 12:57 pm | Posted in Daily Run | 8 Comments

Time of Day: 9:30 AM

Weather: Brilliant sunshine and temps in the 70s. Be jealous.

Duration: 53 minutes 11 seconds

Distance:   7 miles

Notes: I woke up this morning (after more post-cheesecake sleep) to a gorgeous morning. It’s been oddly warm the last few weekends that I’ve been in Houston, but always overcast, humid, and threatening rain. Not a cloud in the sky at 9:30 AM on January 3rd, however, and although the strong wind is currently blowing in some overcast weather, we have a high temperature in the low 80s today. I was comfortably warm on my run.

But enough about the weather because I know many of you are toughing out some very cold runs and did not come to my blog to read about Houston sunshine. So I’ll console you with the knowledge that I didn’t enjoy my sunny run as much as hoped–my legs feel tired after a few good days of running. My heart rate was an average of 10 beats per minute higher this morning than yesterday, although I went about the same speed. I don’t know if it was the hotter weather, pushing against the wind, or just being more tired than yesterday, but I think that monitoring my heart rate will be interesting once I know more about it.

I must apologize for the lack of pictures over the past few days. My camera cord is at home and I need the software on my home computer as well. So in the absence of Food for Fuel posts, here’s an interesting article on nutrition for runners. I consider myself to eat fairly well, but I do need to make an effort to follow several points in the article: getting enough calories to fuel my running and promote recovery. Sometimes I wait far too long to eat after running.

Of the five New Year’s Nutrition Resolutions in the article, on which do you need the most improvement?



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  1. im not a competitive runner but i have some intense workouts from time to time and never realized that eating within 30 minutes after a tough workout is beneficial… for some reason i thought it was 2 hrs… really interesting article!

  2. Yes, I AM jealous! Its gotten so cold here! Apparently it will stay this way for the rest of the week, but thank God my gym opens again!
    I will check that article out!

  3. ah. very interesting article! i think i had a problem with a majority of these in the past year but have been getting much better with all of them in time. usually i’m not hungry after a run but i make myself eat something (or drink something…smoothies!) because i know it’ll help me recover better.

  4. thanks for the article!! i would like to pay more attention to calories in and out and also tally my protein (and carb) intake for a few days just to see 🙂

    still a great run! that’s so interesting about heart rate, and altho i don’t know my HR numbers i do know sometimes it FEELS much harder one day and the same run will feel easier another day.

  5. id rather have a cup of coffee after running because im usually not hungry until hours after a hard workout. but ive found having endurox right after a run works wonders for me, especially if i plan another tough/long run the next day.

  6. It was pretty humid here in Houston today! It made my run feel a little harder than it should have too, so I’m gonna blame it on the humidity. You can do the same 🙂
    Out of the things listed in the article, I think I need to work more on the hydration. Especially since I tend to be quite sweaty (ewe). I should probably drink more water throughout the day. I’m good about drinking water right before and right after my runs, but then I slack off throughout the day.

  7. mmm cheesecake…

    my best run ever was the morning after my birthday; there was tons of cake!

  8. your hr could be a little higher for any of all of those factors you mentioned. i’m still learning about running + hr too but i figure it can’t be that close to rocket-science. the factors you gave sound very reasonable.

    after reading this article i feel i have too much to work on! i’m not good about eating soon after a run, especially after a long(er) run, and i could also afford to eat more fruits/vegetables. i’m the laziest cook ever so i hope frozen veggies can count. thanks for sharing the link!

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