Daily Run: Garmin Rant

January 4, 2009 at 8:30 pm | Posted in Daily Run, Product Review | 6 Comments

Time of Day: 8:45 AM

Weather: Warm and muggy

Duration: You would think a $300 watch could at least tell me this, but no.

Distance: About 7.5 miles, but yeah…see above.

Notes: It’s January 4th, and here I sit complaining, and therefore already breaking a New Year’s resolution. But really, it’s not my fault that my Garmin Forerunner 405 isn’t meeting my expectations. In fact, for the cost of a Garmin, my expectations should be exceeded.

I felt good on my run today and thought about how I used to hate running in Houston and how I now rather enjoy it. It’s become a bit more familiar and I’ve staked out some nice, safe, even scenic (in an urban way) running routes.

But then my Garmin did something very strange; it refused to start again after I stopped it for a second to wait for a car to pass. And then it gave me some strange screen that I’ve never seen and stopped working. I played with it a little when I got back to MSB’s apartment and it went blank.

I’m home now and I’ve reset it according to the instructions in the manual. I hope it works. If I wasn’t already addicted to knowing my exact distance I would probably send it back.

I really want to like my Christmas present, but unfortunately I’m unable to recommend it. I also had difficulty getting the data to upload to my computer the other night and have yet to try again out of frustration.

Sorry for the negative post. Consider it a product review, I suppose. Anyway, I’m back in Austin, the holidays are over, and it’s back to a normal schedule tomorrow. It’s possible that we’ll be back to normal January weather as well. Bummer.



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  1. i just got back to school, and i’m having trouble getting my garmin to sync to my desktop, and thats what i am on most of the time at my apartment. for some reason, it loves my labtop, and always works. FIND MY DESKTOP!

  2. ive been using garmin 305 since jan. 2007 and love it. hasnt given me one problem. good luck with the 405. and i hear you on wanting to know EXACTLY how far you ran. putting down. 14.85 in your training log is better than 14

  3. Sorry the Garmin isn’t cooperating 😦 Hopefully you’ll figure it out soon!
    Where are these scenic routes you speak of in Houston? I may need some new running routes as I start to increase my mileage for half-marathon training!

  4. i got very frustrated w/ my garmin as well. fortunately i love my polar (and i actually find the footpod/accelerometer more accurate than the GPS was for me). i completely understand the addiction, though. i hate running without it!

  5. Justy2003: I run to the Rice trail and go past it to the neighborhoods by Rice U. and the park. The houses are really big and pretty over there.

  6. i hope the garmin snaps out of it’s funky mood for your next run. i’ve heard mixed things from everyone that uses one and it sounds like they can have their share of ‘off’ days, but when they aren’t being finicky they seem like a sweet running-partner. i’m with you though, once you get used to having all the excessive data it’s tough to miss out on it.

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