Daily Run: Recovering, I Hope

January 7, 2009 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Daily Run | 4 Comments

Time of Day: 5:55 AM

Weather: Colder than yesterday but clear, calm, and most importantly not raining

Duration: 46 minutes 30 seconds

Distance: 6 miles

Average Pace: 7:45/mile

Average Heart Rate: 162 bpm (It doesn’t say “average” on Garmin, but I’m assuming that’s what the number means)

Notes: So I decided to share my pace and heart rate, since I have that information now. Interesting? Unnecessary?

Anyway, after yesterday’s speed workout in the cold rain, I wasn’t really looking forward to running this morning. I almost went and did the elliptical, which I still think I should do at least once per week, but I’m afraid of the January Gym Rats. There are just so many.

I headed out slowly today. I’m sore from yesterday, even my abs. I expected to be sore, however, and would be disappointed in myself if I wasn’t. One cannot expect fresh legs after her first formal speed workout in at least a year.

The thing about soreness, though, is that the tight muscles pull on my Achilles and my knee and make me think that I’m injured. I’m not; I know from my ART visits that I can roll out and stretch and continue to run, and that I shouldn’t freak out too much about a tight Achilles…but still…I don’t want to be worried on my second day of marathon training.

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  1. By February, all of the Resolution folks stop going to the gym.

  2. hey-o jess 🙂
    winter soreness kicks me in the butt too. do you have a marathon stick or something of that sort? something like an ice bath for me doesn’t sound very appealing right now so maybe a massage?

  3. I like being sore…makes me know I did something! 🙂 Hope you’re not sore too long…then it just gets annoying.
    I like the pace and HR stats…although it only makes me feel super slow sometimes!

  4. chriistina: I use the Trigger Point kit (linked in side bar)

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