Daily Run: Wind Resistance

January 10, 2009 at 11:51 am | Posted in Daily Run, Food, Pasta, Seafood | 9 Comments

Time of Day: 7:30 AM

Weather: Cool with a very strong wind

Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes 48 seconds

Distance: 12 miles

Average Pace: 7:54/mile

Average Heart Rate: 153 bpm

Notes: Today marked the first long run of my training plan and called for 12-14 miles. The longest I’ve gone since my marathon is 9 miles, so I headed out for 12, telling myself that I could add a few more at the end if I felt like it. I did not feel like it.

Twelve miles goes relatively quickly now without much pain and I felt good for most of the run. But, the wind was absolutely brutal. I set my Garmin to automatically take a lap split for each mile, and my miles range from 7:26 (downhill) to an 8:40 when I was running straight uphill and being blown backwards. In fact, most of the last 3 miles were uphill with wind in my face, and by the time I got home I was definitely grateful that I set out for 12 miles instead of 14.

At least I will be prepared if Big D is as windy as White Rock.

My dad and I are going shopping for running shoes soon (!!), but I will quickly share last night’s dinner with you. I’m not going to do a separate post for it, because hey, it’s Saturday!

Linguine with Garlic and Oil

Another How to Cook Everything recipe that made for a quick dinner last night before baking cookies and heading to the airport. This one is on Bittman’s website, so you can see the recipe.  Hooray!

This is marked in the book as one of Bittman’s essential recipes. I added the optional red pepper flakes. I used cheap olive oil, so the red pepper flakes helped enhance the flavor a little. I also added some of my frozen Patagonian scallops and sliced mushrooms. On the side, I roasted asparagus.

This was very good, even using my cheap oil. I imagine that it would be amazing with a high-quality olive oil.




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  1. that dish sounds simple but flavorful ~ i may recreate it but w/o the mushrooms hehe

  2. you just made me hungry…

  3. great job on the windy run… gah i hate the wind! i did 12 this morning too 🙂

  4. WOW way to get 12 miles in!!!!! and wind 🙂 am i a broken record?= you’re sucha runner, hahaha. when did you start distance running anyway? you ran XC in HS, right? but that doesn’t mean super long distances, like usually less than 10? and love the close up dinner pic! mm.

  5. That looks so healthy!!! and yummy. Like a real meal is supposed to be like!

    Great job on overcoming the wind!

  6. Dinner looks great, and good luck with the shoe search!

  7. ooo I havent had scallops in a long time

    Kelly Turner

  8. nice job with the extreme winds! dinner looks delicious, as always. i wish i had your skills (and desire to spend time in the kitchen period!)

  9. […] to my wondrous long run…I averaged almost 20 seconds per mile faster than last week’s 12-miler. I guess that’s the difference between running a hilly course on a windy, cold day and […]

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