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Sarah, a medical resident, runner, and blogger extraordinaire, tagged me. I love these things, although it was difficult for me to remember an entire year.

These are all in random order, by the way.

4 favorite memories from 2008:
1. Running the White Rock Marathon
2. Going to Europe, especially seeing my mother’s hometown (London/suburbs) and seeing a romantic city (Venice) with my boyfriend
3. Getting together with my best college friends on several occasions
4. Finishing my Master’s degree

4 favorite movies (that i saw) in 2008:
I didn’t see many and don’t remember the ones I saw! I remember wanting to see a lot of movies and then never going.
1. Juno
2. Death at a Funeral (on DVD) 
3. Mamma Mia
4. The Dark Knight
I was disappointed in Sex and the City, unfortunately.

4 favorite foods in 2008:
Trying to list foods that became part of my faves over the past year that I didn’t really eat before.
1. I discovered Indian, Ethiopian, and Turkish food and loved them all
2. Greek yogurt
3. Ezekiel buns/English muffins
4. Soba noodles

4 places i loved in 2008:
1. London, England
2. Munich, Germany
3. Venice, Italy
4. Home sweet home

4 events i loved in 2008:
1. White Rock Marathon
2. Presidential election
3. Vacation in Europe
4. Free impromptu Willie Nelson concert

4 things i liked in 2008:
1. ART therapy
2. Half Price Books
3. Blogging
4. Houston, included because I’m surprised 😉

4 things i am looking forward to in 2009:
1. Possibly (hopefully!) beginning a new career
2. Moving?
3. My parents moving back to the U.S.
4. Running more races

4 people i tag:
Trying to pick people I haven’t tagged before.
1. Dan at Cum Grano Salis
2. Matt at Run Like the Wind
3. Chriistina at My Life on the Run
4. Caitlin at Run Like a Kenyan. (Caitlin, I like your blog name)



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  1. Haha thanks for the tag.

    I do like the GU Roctane actually. I used to use the clif shot but I think GU tastes better and gives me more of a kick. I haven’t used anything solid in quite awhile since my last experience when I started choking on them lol.

  2. Very fun! What great things to look forward to. And, I am w/ you on SATC movie. So many issues to share on another day. 😀

  3. You were surprised you like Houston?! Haha, me too sometimes! 🙂

    And possibly moving in 2009? To where? Perhaps Houston to be with MSB?!

    • Perhaps 😉

  4. Oh, I just remembered I actually had a question for you! So, I know you run early in the (dark) mornings by yourself and was just wondering if you take anything for “protection”. I used to run with a running buddy last semester (but she moved) and now that we’ve started school again I’m back to running in the dark. I’m not too worried about it but some of my friends are. I was just curious if you did anything to protect yourself like, I dunno, carry pepper spray, or a taser, or a handgun! 😉

    • I feel very safe where I run and don’t take anything, but I’m thinking about buying pepper spray.

  5. fun times 🙂 i wouldn’t be able to remember movies, either! except dark night…

  6. i love these posts 🙂

  7. oh, fun stuff! i’m stealing this for my post tonight! hehe!

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