Daily Run: The Great Chinese Food Question

January 13, 2009 at 11:54 am | Posted in Daily Run | 8 Comments

Time of Day: 5:45 AM

Weather: Cold and very windy

Interval Workout: Warm up, 1 mile, 4 min. jog, 2 miles, 7 min. jog, ~.5 mile, long bathroom break and jog, 1 mile, Cooldown

Total Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Total Distance: 10.77 miles

Average Heart Rate: 160 bpm

Notes: Dad and I met a bunch of our extended family for Chinese food last night. I didn’t take pictures because our meal was served family-style on big platters, but First Chinese BBQ in Austin’s Chinatown was perhaps the best Chinese food I’ve eaten.

But was it Food for Fuel? The jury is still out. I was supposed to do my intervals at slightly slower than 10K pace. I decided last week that 10K pace is roughly a 6:14/mile, so I decided to aim around 6:20/mile, and then I decided to be nice to myself and make that 6:20-6:30/mile.

First mile interval: 6:19. Gorgeous!

The two mile interval: 13:02, which is slower, but there was a lot of wind in my face for this one.

My training plan called for just one more mile interval after the two mile. I started it…and then had to turn around and jog to the bathroom. There was no way getting around this, or trust me, I would not have stopped a mile repeat with just half a mile left in my workout.

After taking care of business, I almost just started my cooldown, but I felt all guilty for not completing the workout and decided to jog back up to my flat road and start the mile repeat over.

Last mile repeat: 6:20. Yes, I got an extended break beforehand, but I was tired by this interval and so I’m psyched.

So does Chinese food make good fuel? I certainly performed better during this week’s intervals than last week’s 800 meter repeats. However, there was an emergency bathroom trip. I’m undecided, but I do know that 10.77 miles on a work day is a difficult feat and I may need an extra cup of coffee before this afternoon’s meeting.

The upside to a long workout? I actually saw some sunrise today.

The back of my knee? Not an issue during the workout. Really, not even noticeable. I iced it three times yesterday and stayed off hills today. It’s a little tight now, but not in a “I’m going to make your life miserable and you will never run again” way. More of a “You made me run mile repeats in the cold and I’m going to pout until you pay me attention with stretching and ice” way.



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  1. ooooh i would go with no chinese food is not great fuel, you are just getting faster and you were already fast!! ahh just thinking about chinese food makes me slightly ill. elliot eats it all the time so i try to find things that work for me, but all the mystery fish and things just make me nauseous … what is your fave dinner before?

  2. Best Chinese food ever? Sounds like good fuel to me. Almost 11 miles pre-work (including just-above 10k pace repeats)? Plus glimpses of sunrise? Now there’s a ticket to an extraordinary day!

  3. wow excellent times, I’m impressed with chinese on my stomach I would have stopped after just about every mile for a bathroom break

  4. awesome job on the intervals! i know those days where i do 10-12 mile before work i definitely need an extra cup of coffee… but its so nice to have it done 🙂

    i am having problems getting my speed workouts done in the morning with it being dark. i dont really have any good routes to do them that i do my dark runs on. any suggestions? do you just do yours on the streets?

  5. I still have yet to find a healthy chinese dish that isnt just steamed veggies and rice.

    Kelly Turner

  6. Awesome interval workout and way to get in over 10 miles before work! Definitely an achievement! And just think, by the time you head to work you’ve done more than 99% of the other people will do all day! Love that feeling 🙂

  7. Lacey: I don’t really have a favorite, but I usually eat pasta with red sauce and lean protein the night before a long run or race.
    Aron: I do mine on a long, dark, flat street.

  8. you are definitely already fast and just getting faster. chinese food, while delicious, tends to give my digestive system some extra work to do. it’s probably more inhibiting to me than fuel! nice job on the workout, bathroom break and all.

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