Daily Run: Still Not Tempo Pace

January 15, 2009 at 1:12 pm | Posted in Daily Run | 7 Comments

Time of Day: 5:50 AM

Weather: After watching the news, I’m very grateful for my 30*.

Duration: 59 minutes 2 seconds

Distance: 8 miles with 2.5 miles tempo in the middle

Average Pace: 7:23/mile overall; 6:32/mile for tempo section

Average Heart Rate: 164 bpm overall; 173 bpm for tempo section

Notes: Today was my second tempo run of my training plan, and it was supposed to be 6-8 miles with 15 minutes at marathon tempo in the middle. Midway through my tempo section, I noticed that my Garmin showed the overall time, the lap pace, and the lap distance. Since I forgot to check the time when I started my tempo, I didn’t know when my 15 minutes was supposed to end. So, I switched the workout to 2.5 miles tempo.

Just as a refresher, last time I did a tempo run I decided that my marathon tempo is between 7:10 and 7:20 per mile. Last time I ran at 6:37 pace, this time at 6:32 pace. I’m pleased as punch that I can run this fast, but the point is to get used to a pace that I can hold for 26.2 miles, and I don’t think that pace is 6:32/mile. So…oops (but secretly…yay!).

I think it’s difficult for me to find that 7:10-7:20 pace because it really is not much faster than my usual running pace. But I see “tempo” on my training plan and think I need to run hard, so I do. My legs did not feel like running hard today and they are a bit upset with me for making them do so even when they should have been going slower. I’m having some left leg issues that I’m assuming are a result of hurting the back of my knee somehow.

I highly suspect that my mileage has been climbing too quickly this week. Tomorrow is an elliptical day. Tonight I’m doing strength training. I think I’m going to wear my heart rate monitor as an experiment.

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  1. Tempo is definitely the hardest pace to hit! Mostly physically but also mentally: the thrill of the secret yay is hard to beat.

    I’ll be interested to hear your weight training hr feedback– I’m curious about that, too.

  2. Nice workout today! Tempo speeds can be really tricky and I always run them too hard as well.

    Are you getting excited for Big D? Maybe I’ll see you there! Hopefully they have some good post race grub!

  3. i like your secret yays 🙂 you did awesome!! hope the leg is just being fussy today and feels better soon.

  4. interesting — my program also calls for tempo runs that are supposed to be close to marathon pace, only ~20 seconds/mi faster. and yet i have the same thoughts — that i want to PUSH more on the tempo segments! i guess we need to save the energy for our intervals.

  5. ps: yes i’m writing from the pediatric icu. what, like i’m ALWAYS supposed to be working around here??

  6. Sure you can keep up a 6:32 pace for 26.2 miles 😉
    Awesome job on the tempo run! May take a while to figure out your “actual” tempo pace, but I’m sure you’ll get it soon!

  7. i always thought tempo was supposed to be like your 10k pace? who knows there are so many definitions. 6:30 is awesome and you never know… you just might get comfortable with it for 26.2!

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