Daily Run: 20.2 Miles Less

January 19, 2009 at 9:20 am | Posted in Daily Run, Racing | 1 Comment

This post is for YESTERDAY’S run

Time of Day: 8:15 AM

Weather: Perfect!

Duration: 46 minutes 4 seconds

Distance: 6 miles

Average Pace: 7:40/mile

Average Heart Rate: 151 bpm

Notes: No blogging yesterday–I ran and then MSB and I left to go watch his dad race a car. During my run, however, I stumbled upon another kind of race: the Chevron Houston Marathon. I ran by the aid station at about mile 10 and was humbled by the fact that so many people did 20.2 miles more than I did on Sunday. The course record was broken in both the men’s and women’s race, so I guess the gorgeous weather made for a great marathon day.  

My gym is closed for MLK Day (Happy MLK Day, everyone! Unfortunately, my workplace is open), so I did not lift weights this morning. I got less than four hours of sleep on Saturday night, so I think the extra sleep last night was more beneficial than strength training anyway. My body badly needs this day off. The back of my knee, which was getting better last week, is hurting again. I  blame the 15-miler, but I think I can roll out this slight injury and be good to go. If I stopped running every time something hurt, I wouldn’t run at all, right?


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  1. The boyfriend and I biked past mile 10 around 7:45 and saw the first few people coming by. Insane that they ran 10 miles in 45 minutes! They were FLYING!

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