Cross-training, Strength Training, New Clothing?

January 23, 2009 at 12:02 pm | Posted in Cross-training, Strength Training | 10 Comments

Strength Training – Thursday Evening, Jan. 22nd

Time of Day: 5:20 PM

Weather: Climate-controlled

Duration: About 40 minutes

Notes: Another crowded gym day. I’m getting tired of hauling a mat, dumbbell, and stability ball to the gym hallway so that I have room to workout. I did, however, get to do lat. pulldowns today. Not much to say about the weights, so I’ll just report. Besides, I have a lot to say about my cross-training session this morning and don’t want to make the post too long.

2 x 15 reps of the following:

  • Lat pulldown
  • Lat row
  • Chest press
  • Vertical butterfly

1 x 15 reps of the following:

  • Biceps curls on stability ball
  • Tricep dips
  • Lateral shoulder raises with a dumbbell
  • Dumbbell shoulder press on stability ball

Core exercises (all of these in Ultimate Abs):

  • Back extensions, 25 reps
  • Swiss hip extension, 10 reps then 11 reps each side
  • Erect lateral bends, 15 reps each side
  • Turkish get-ups, 15 reps each side


Cross-training – Today, Jan. 23rd 

Time of Day: 5:55 AM

Weather: Climate-controlled, yet freezing

Duration: 50 min. elliptical

Notes: My gym has three elliptical. I like exactly one of them, and I use the term “like” very loosely. Today I showed up early, and yet the gym was already crowded.  Apparently they’ve been opening a little earlier and not telling me. Anyway, my favorite elliptical was taken. My second favorite elliptical, also taken. I had to use the reject elliptical, the one that feels stiffer and more awkward than the others, despite being the same make and model. Sad story, I know.

Thankfully, that is not the most interesting thing to happen to me today, because somehow, before 6 AM, someone managed to ask me:

“You must wear children’s clothes.”

I’m not quite sure how to respond to such a statement. Was this woman complimenting me? Should I be offended? Is she saying I look fit? Does she think I’m too skinny?

But then it hit me: her statement is rude, but brilliant. Because you see, readers, I’ve been buying pants in petite sizes and then attempting to shrink them in the dryer to make them shorter. I should just cut out the middle man and buy kids’ clothing.

And then the statement hit me even harder: I can go shopping at Limited Too.

Most of you may not realize the significance of the above realization, but it’s huge, people, HUGE. You see, when I was 9 or 10 years old, my best friend had many, many pretty clothes, most from Limited Too. And she let us all know they were from Limited Too. She pranced in her Limited Too jeans. She preened in her Limited Too tees. She sparkled around school with her shiny blonde hair and her Limited Too matching ensembles. At least I was smarter–the Velma to her Daphne, if Velma was good at Freeze Tag.

I also wished to dress in Limited Too, of course, so I would drag Mumsly into the store, where she looked at the price tag, laughed at the manufacturer’s apparent audacity, and redirect her silly daughter to the sales rack of a much cheaper store.

But now, readers, I have my own money, most of it expendable. I can buy all the Limited Too I desire. I may desire none, but it’s the principle.

Also, I’ll be able to tell people I wear size 14 pants next time they rudely inquire (yes, a co-worker did this!). I’ll leave out the information about children’s sizes. They can ponder that for the rest of the day.



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  1. HAHAH that is GREAT! plus kids’ clothes are all way cheaper! 🙂 hehehe. you have a lot happen to you before 6am.

  2. Wow, great workout!

    Don’t worry, its almost the end of January – the new years resolutions will start to wane!

    Happy Friday!

  3. lucky you 😛

  4. nice on the limited too!

    i haven’t signed up for big d yet either. i’m going to wait until it gets closer because i know it won’t sell out and things happen you know?

  5. This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week!

    My gosh, a rude boor actually gave money-saving advice!

  6. I agree with Lacey. While Limited Too is too expensive when it comes to buying clothes for a child who will just outgrow them, I’ve found it’s always cheaper to buy clothes in children’s sizes, although I can usually only get away with shirts. And just think– if one day you should have children, you can simply buy more clothing for yourself, justifying it with “they’ll make good pass-me-downs.”

  7. Did you say anything to the woman?? I dunno what I would’ve said! Just laughed it off, I guess! I do agree though…children’s clothes are cheaper! I used to shop at Abercrombie Kids instead of A&F because the stuff was cheaper 🙂

  8. This post made me chuckle. How tall are you? I too find it frustrating that I have to hem petite pants.

  9. funny stuff! how i miss the days of ltd2! kid’s clothes are so much cheaper, you could buy a ton with all your reward money (though i’m sure you’ll put it towards something even cooler if you haven’t already). i especially love that you will tell your nosy co-workers you wear a size 14.

  10. Andrea: I’m 5’2″, with very stumpy legs. But come on, 5’2″ isn’t THAT short; I should be able to find pants, right!?

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