About See Jess Run

Hi, I’m Jessica, running addict enthusiast, former NCAA competitor, and wannabe marathoner. This website is yet another extension of my obsession and will hopefully one day be a forum for discussing all things running…once I can get other people to read it.

You’ve probably noticed that I also post pictures of food. I love to cook and I believe that nutrition and running are intrinsically related. Treat your body well and fuel it properly and you will run better. Feed yourself Baconators and you’ll probably feel less than your best (but you better run anyway so that your arteries don’t collapse in on themselves). However, I try not to obsess too much about nutrition and often I simply like to share recipes and meals that I particularly enjoyed. In fact, I am also an avid cookie addict baker and I eat dessert on most days. I consider this my right as a runner because honestly, who wants to spend the time to burn all those calories and not have cookies?

Along the way, I’ll be reporting on my training, sharing knowledge, reviewing products, and reporting running-related news. It is important to remember that I have no formal training on fitness or nutrition–any advice and/or opinion stems from the 12+ years that I have participated in and loved the sport of running.



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  1. Jess, you are far better than me; however, I am trying to get better. No longer am I that girl sitting at your parent’s table refusing to eat a lima bean… ok so I still don’t like lima beans but I am eating more vegetables so maybe your mom could be proud of me. I love you food pictures. We’ll have to try some of the dishes that you’ve found.

    Loved ya for close to 2 decades now

  2. Hey! I’m Julzdanceruns from the nutrition forum on RW, and just wanted to let you know, I LOVE your blog! you’ve got yourself another reader, so keep on writing 🙂

  3. I’m also a FAN! Running more and more each day, and your posts are definitely inspiring. Keep writing, I’ll keep reading!!

  4. Thanks everyone! Please keep reading 🙂

  5. “Feed yourself Baconators and you’ll probably feel less than your best (but you better run anyway so that your arteries don’t collapse in on themselves). ”

    OMG – this cracked me up… I have so many people I want to say that to. 🙂 ha!! Glad I found your blog, I’ll be reading!

  6. This is so funny. I was trying to find a recipe exactly what Kara Goucher eats because in many of her interviews she mentions that she’ll eat a ‘stir fry’ in between training sessions. So I googled ‘runner stir fry’ and your mention of Kara and Adam Goucher’s stir fry came up! LOL. I didn’t think that I would get that lucky first time around!

  7. oooo I am so glad I found your blog I look foward tohearing about all your adventures!!!!

  8. Jess, this is awesome! I love your insights, you add a great amount of brevity to something that many people dread. You are really very funny, I love it! I am really so glad that you are still really into running, I am trying to get back to it, college kind of took it out of me and I need to build it back up (unfortunately, I hate treadmills and with the below 40 degree weather we will have until April, that becomes tough, but I got an awesome Ipod for Christmas and am resolved to get going again!) Good luck! Also, I wanted to ask you what you do for a living too 🙂

  9. hi jess, just found your blog. its inspiring to see a “real runner” or at least, a really fast one. im enjoying reading about all your workouts and wishing i was half that fast!

  10. Hi Jess,
    I just found ur blog (by way of Lindsay’s where i’ve been reading her WDW goofy race report(s)).

    Anyway, I like yer blog. Especially the pics of food. Yummy. And u r like soooo fast! I like fast women. ;-p

    btw, I totally agree with you about how integral food is & should be with every day life for all of us. Not just us runners. We need to think about those strange ‘others’ who don’t run too. If humans would slow down…think about what they eat…a wide variety of healthy food becomes obvious.

    Have fun runnin & writin”! I’ll be back to read again.

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