Why Does Jess Run?

I hope to add to this list as running continues to enrich my life. Feel free to add your own reasons in the comments section.

I run:

  • to lead a longer, happier life
  • to feel good, both short term and long
  • to relieve stress
  • to think more clearly
  • to be outside
  • to test my body
  • to test my mind
  • to be a nicer person to be around
  • to look good (yes, I admit the vanity)
  • to eat more pizza and cookies (yes, I admit this too)
  • for “me time”
  • for the “runner’s high”
  • to be a runner and part of the running community
  • to improve myself
  • because I enjoy competition (once in a while)
  • because I don’t like sitting
  • because there’s nothing on tv anyway

And because this is how I want it all to end:

Descendant A: Great-great-great-great Grandma Jess died today.

Descendant B: Really!? What happened?

Descendant A: She got eaten by a mountain lion on her 10-mile tempo run.

Descendant B: Wow, I guess we won’t be getting any more cookies.

Descendant A: I know, sucks. I also volunteered you to clean out her old running shoes closet. Oh, and all you got in the Will is her collection of antique racing bib safety pins. So have fun with that.



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  1. Hi! I stumbled across your blog from RW and just realized you’re running a lot of Dallas races…so I’m thinking you’re from around there…I’m a junior at SMU and was wondering, where do you run? I have yet to find a place to run that I love here…

  2. Dallas runners, care to recommend some running venues for Britt?

  3. Love your reasons for running!! I’m a runner too – perhaps not as commited as you though. I especially liked the “how you want it to end” part…

  4. I picked up running last in January. I ran my first 5K in April and then found out I was expecting baby #4. I am excited to pick up running again after the baby comes. I like your “This is how I want it to end…” story. Great!

  5. […] Why Does Jess Run? […]

  6. WOW! I’ve gotta meet you some day Jess!
    Not only am I also a running/baking addict/enthusiast, but I’m always looking for someone like me!

    You are quite the comedian! I hope to share some of my recipe/training pieces with you if that’s what you’re trying to start!

    Cheers from Australia!

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